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    Aliveness, regeneration, collaboration

    A Land Guardianship research


    Sacredly welcomed by the lands with whom we commit as Guardians in interdiscovery, shaping home trough relation, collaboration, creation, responsibility; Regenerating together.


    Research is now happening in 2 hectares of a land ecosystem, a raw poetic territory where we embrace developing our ability to listen, to connect with, merging, beautifying, caring for, discovering BELONGING.


    There's an inter dimension, connected realm of living systems, happening on site, organic organization in constant deliver of in-formation, and an invitation to enter the interspecies dialogue for evolutioship. The point of origin of our research is allowing our gesture to be an extension of Presence. In-service. In purpose. In relation.


  • Contact us for interCollaboration

    In-collaborative land guardianship experiment, investigating sustainable and regenerative aliveness systems.


    We are making available multiple shapes to integrate new members in land, on the merging, belonging, and co-weaving.


    You can choose in between options and be embraced by the land on a short or long term stay, either as a passenger or trough delivering your non material value in site. You are welcome to propose your way.


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    Nuclear team

    You are a dear Evolutionshaper Magician, available!
    *to bring your sparkle
    *team up on a long term or regular stay
    *dive in trough the cycles
    *make this land one of your home spaces
    *be one of theLand Guardians




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    Shape your stay
    You want to deliver your bliss value wherever you pass by. Propose your collaborational material or non-material value stay;



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    You are just passing by and booking a stay is one of the ways available to contribute to this regeneration.


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    Experiment to integrate this ecosystem creating balance and improving the system.


    Forest Gardening, land arting, organizing, improving spaces, bringing your carpentry skills, photographing the aliveness, becoming one of the child space holders, designing systems, creating comunication, bringing your value to the space



  • Experiences Reviews

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    Lovely sanctuary with a diversity of trees and plants. The good healthy soil and singing birds nourished us throughout our stay. Ana’s
    intentions for the land and approach with people, brought inspiration up in us. I recommend passing there if you are looking for a peaceful and inspiring place. Ali

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    "So to me fluxus is a refuge, a place to experience true human nature, a safe haven, a source of inspiration, an invitation, a home away from home. A lot of this has to do with who sustains the space and her presence, her non-judgmental nature and true openness and ability to share.”

    Lotte - Belgium

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    My heart guided me to this land. I needed a « pause » in my nomadic journey and I found a place to think, feel, be and regenerate myself.
    The land is gorgeous, nourishing and extremely feminine. Every spaces & each corners are treated with care and love. I m grateful and
    touched that I have met Ana & her sons, sharing some family moment.
    Very inspiring stay. Laura, Netherlands

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    Excellent place in wonderful nature if you want to discover more of yourself, with a lot of space for your initiative and sense of creativity. The activities on the ground are various so you will never be bored, with amazing surroundings to explore during free time.

    Autonomy is appreciated and recommended. And I also recommend you to come here to meet Ana, a person with whom is worthed to share deep and important conversations. Thank you for everything! Silvia - Italy

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    It was a wonderful experience. The place is magic, Castelo de Vide was very special to me. Ana and her space are strong, different, cool, enchanted. Even though I didn't have much comfort or amenities, it was a great stay. I really feel free, motivated and touched by a special energy.

    I 'd like to thanks for all! I hope to come back!

    André - Brasil

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    "After coming to this place we decided to start with writing a travel diary. We dont want to forget all the amazing people we met on our journey and the pieces of universe we face. Thank you for this energy!”

    Antonella e Adrian, Italy

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    Fluxus is a welcoming healing place where people from different countries and cultures come together and can be who they truly are, nestled in the pure, raw and beautiful nature of Portugal. Exchanging knowledge, opinions, habits and food as well as creating opportunities of emotional and physical growth make Fluxus an attraction for releasing the old and welcoming the new. But also for being and laughing together with people, seeing and feeling them. As we all have the same fears and doubts in this fast world we live in.”

    Verena - Germany

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    "Fluxus (for me) is a place to restore energy to connect to myself and each other... to find peace and creativity”

    Judith - Hungary

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    Amazing space. It was a pleasure to be a small part of the change and fluidity that is Fluxus and help create and improve this house even more. Ana is such an energetic, positive and warm person and i admire her for putting so much of her strenght in all these fabulous ideas and projects.”

    Lea, Germany

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    Drop us a line, lets collaborate!

    Castelo de Vide, Portugal